Update  1 October 2018



Expert in regulatory & marketing aspects of food supplements and botanical supplements.
Consultant for creative and innovative solutions within the EU and national regulatory possibilities!

  • Food / Dietary Supplements
  • Health Food, Dietary Supplements, Vitamin and Mineral products, Nutraceuticals, Sports supplements
  • Herbal Products / Botanicals / Botanical supplements
  • Super foods and Raw foods

  • Check if products (ingredients, product name and claims) can be sold in the EU and the Netherlands
  • Check of health and nutrition claims (1924/2006/EC, 432/2012 etc.) for vitamins and minerals and the still allowed (on hold) claims for botanical ingredients
  • Label texts in line with all EU adn Dutch regulations
  • Allowed active substances in food supplements within food law / Novel Food
  • Product development: innovative formulations to maintain health claims with allowed substances
  • Checking if herbal ingredients are allowed (Novel Food, pharmacological aspects, BELFRIT, safety) in the EU and NL
  • Quality aspects like HACCP, based on a complete and simple HACCP system for distributors and webshops in the EU

    Rivendell / Theo van Rooij has more than 25 years of regulatory experience in the foodsupplement and herbal business!