Article 5 of the European Regulation 852/2004 on the hygiene of foods requires also from health food and food supplement companies to bring only safe products on the EU market based on a detailed analysis of all safety aspects of the ingredients, the production and the use by the consumer. All these aspects need to be addressed in a HACCP-system, adjusted to the company.
HACCP requires a description of activities of the company in the context of quality and safety of the products, quality agreements with suppliers and per product a thorough safety assessment.
Rivendell developed over the years a system, several documents and guidelines / procedures, how health food and food supplement companies in the EU can work with HACCP based on EU principles.
The system, in English, suitable for companies that distribute products (produced by HACCP approved manufacturars) in the EU, like webshops, wholesalers, marketing companies, can be bought from Rivendell.